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You’ve got seeds waiting to be planted and a harvest waiting. 

Together...Let's Gather Your Harvest.

Dr. LaShonda M. Jackson-Dean, a thought-provoking motivational speaker who gracefully assists others, in changing the trajectory of their lives.


 Dr. Jackson-Dean captivates audiences with strategic methods of resilience and progression. 


Whether speaking to individuals or groups, Dr. Jackson-Dean's message is always spot on and relevant for those who want to reach the next level in their lives. 


If you need guidance on execution and implementation for life-changing results, contact Dr. LaShonda M. Jackson-Dean for your next event. 

You’ve got passion and ideas for everything you want to do in life, for everything you want to accomplish and for everyone you want to be surrounded by.  However, you are burying that incredible part of you because you’ve spent most of your adult life doing and surrounding yourself with things you thought you were supposed to do and want (a car, house, career, etc.) 

I help individuals exactly like you, women who have big ideas and seeds inside of them, get out of their own way by helping them see that it’s a simple process to get on the bridge between where they are and where they want to be.

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“...the petulance we allow to perpetuate and permeate amongst ourselves as we attempt to "one-up" each other rather than building-up one another. Read “Seed to Seeds” for the enlightening definition of "Seeds", a thorough diagnosis of difficulties facing the black race but more importantly, solutions for conquering these tribulations. You won't be disappointed! #SEEDS #JustSoYouKnow” 

—  Leva Styles

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